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Columbia 300 Burst Columbia has a new ball being released on May 20. 2010 it is the Columbia 300 Burst. The Columbia 300 Burst features the Resurgence Core that is wrapped inside the original New Era shell formula. We designed this one for medium conditions by polishing it with our standard polished 4000 finish to […]

Storm Tropical Heat Red/Blue Storm Tropical Heat Pearl Orange/Purple Storm Tropical Heat Hybrid Black/Silver Storm has a new ball being release in the Tropical line on April 28, 2010. It is Storm Tropical Heat Red/Blue. The Storm Tropical Heat Red/Blue has a rating of 168.9 on the bowlingball.com Perfect Scale® and is currently selling for […]

Lane #1 Big Curve Lane #1 has a new ball being release April 1, 2010 Lane #1 Big Curve. The Lane #1’s sexy Curve now has a big brother for protection. Introducing the Lane # 1 Big Curve. The Curve handles all medium oil conditions, but when the oil comes down heavy, the BIG CURVE […]