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900 Global The Eagle The 900 Global The Eagle looks to be a great ball. If you loved the 900 Global Break Out then this is the ball for you. Plus if you use the ball at the USBC Nationals you will a chance to win some extra money. Are you looking for the perfect […]

Lane #1 Boom-R’ANG The Lane #1 Boom-R’ANG use the new Boomerang Diamond core which is different for all the cores they have used in the past. This ball will give you good length with a strong movement on the back-end. This ball will enable you to boom-r’ang around your competitors . Lane#1 has taken core […]

Roto Grip Rising Star The Roto Grip Rising Star is a good addition to the Shield line. The Ultimate Vision hybrid coverstock will creates a smooth glide through the heads with ample bite on the dry boards without being to jumpy on the back-ends. It’s your time to shine. The next big thing in bowling. […]

Roto Grip Infinite Theory The Roto Grip Infinite Theory is a great addition to the Roto Grip Theory . With the hyrbrid cover this ball will get the heads easier and produce more back end reaction on the lanes. Infinite. Forever. Never-ending. Watch the newest Theory roll down the lane and you’ll believe it will […]

Storm Virtual Gravity NANO The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO is a great addition to the Premier Line. If you loved the Storm Virtual Gravity w/ Free Value Brand Microfiber Towel you will surely love this one as it will give you more hook on oily lane than the Storm Virtual Gravity w/ Free Value Brand […]


Linds Easy Flip This Linds Easy Flip. It features a Symmetrical core, solid reactive. Which will give you a good read on the lanes and match up to many different styles of bowler. Getting your ball to make the turn on the backend has never been simpler than with the bowlingball.com Exclusive, Linds Easy Flip!The […]

Motiv Primal TV4 The Motiv Primal TV4 will be the longest and most aggressive ball on the backend to date for Motiv. It uses the same Thrust core as the TR2 with a new coverstock. So if you looking for a ball that is long and strong the Motiv Primal TV4 is the ball for […]