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I think of these downward and upward spirals as being us wallowing in badness or goodness, of yielding to our good or bad emotions, but also it feels like being “egged on” from outside forces, human, and also, perhaps, super human. I’ve never experienced a lynch https://www.beltsoutletses.com mob, but I have seen them portrayed, and […]


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The Chicago Bulls are actually the third NBA team in Chicago, after the Packers/Zephyrs (now the Washington Wizards) and the Stags (1946 50). Today, the Bulls occasionally wear the throwback blue and red jerseys from the Stags. The team began play for the 1966 67 season, and immediately posted the best record by an expansion […]

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A list of hurricane names has been established by an international committee of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization. The only time that there is a change to that set of storm names is if a storm is so deadly or costly that the future use of its name on a different storm would be […]


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The first single he released on the label was “Shame On Me” in 1962. His second RCA Victor single, “Detroit City” reached No. 6 Country,[4] No. From Studio 8H at NBC’s headquarters in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, SNL has aired 842 episodes since its debut, and began its forty third season on […]

“It’s that disgusting. So that’s the only way you do it. You hammer these guys. A few months after he came home my father went by train to the Po valley rice fields south of Milan to see if he could buy rice. He returned empty handed, and it was the first and last time […]

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The main villains also utilize torture this time around; even in Metal Gear, where Snake has to get himself locked up in order to find Gray Fox, he never actually experienced torture during that time. Death Seeker: Again, Cyborg Ninja, who just wants one last battle to the death with Solid Snake. And, to some […]

On the way to all airports, I snuggle next to her and immediately get an adrenalin rush when I feel her “joy de vivre.” Not today. My mistress is not herself. I can always sense her moods. Much like an athlete prepares for a race, a jazz musician also prepares for a performance. The jazz […]

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During the next 30 years in Cleveland, not a single Modell team won the league title, although they would go on to appear in a total of seven NFL/AFC championship title games during the period. Prior to Modell’s arrival, the Browns had dominated the NFL and the AAFC, winning seven championships in 17 years.[citation needed]Using […]

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