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Ebonite Warning Sign Let the pins know that danger is on their horizon with the Ebonite Warning Sign bowling ball!The Warning Sign shares the same great core that is in the Signals, but has a new HYBRID Cover, High Traction Reactive HYBRID-2 This combination of core cover gives the Ebonite Brand a product in the […]

Columbia 300 Benchmark The benchmark reaction is something that bowlers have come to expect from Columbia 300 for decades. Columbia 300 has been the bowler’s choice for benchmark bowling balls so often throughout history that we decided to finally call the ball what it really is… the Benchmark!The engineers at Columbia 300 understand that when […]

Brunswick Nexus f(P) Pearl Science and bowling have always been connected, but never have they been so perfectly entwined. Introducing the ball with the most length in the history of Brunswick, the Brunswick Nexus f(P) Pearl bowling ball!ADDPATIVE f(P) PEARL COVERSTOCKThe Addaptive f(P) Pearl coverstock is Brunswick’s newest innovation in performance enhancing additive chemistry. f(P) […]

Brunswick Nexus f(P+F) Solid The Brunswick Nexus f(P+F) Solid is one awesome bowling ball. This ball reads the lane very well and has plenty of hook. The Brunswick Nexus f(P+F) Solid is currently selling for $154.99on bowlingball.com and rates a 224.3 on the bowlingball.com Perfect Scale®. Science and bowling have always been connected, but never […]

Lane #1 Maxxx Curve The Lane #1 Maxxx Curve is going to be a great addition to the the Curve line. With the Pure Explosion Particle Pearl coverstock this ball will dig thru the oil. It has a release date of 9/28/11. The Lane #1 Maxxx Curve is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a […]

Roto Grip Shooting Star The Roto Grip Shooting Star is a great addition to the Shield Line. It has a release date of 10/25/11. With the phenomenal success of the original Rising Star™, the Shooting Star™ must utilize the new Neutron™ core as the power source. It’s just that good! The Neutron core’s medium RG- […]

Storm Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl is a great addition to the The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO. It has a release date of 10/11/11. Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. As we have mentioned before, a breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due […]

Storm Frantic The Storm Frantic is a great addition to the HOT line. Release date 10/25/11. For the new Frantic™, we wanted a reliable, proven coverstock that would provide a clean glide through the heads and attack the drier boards on the backend. R2S™, the second generation of Reactor™ coverstock material, is the perfect choice […]

DV8 Hell Raiser Are you tired of playing it safe on the lanes? Whether it’s in tournaments or league play, do you feel like stirring up the pot? With the DV8 Hell Raiser bowling ball you can do just that! Ball Motion: Finished with a Rough Buff Polish, the Hell Raiser skids easily through the […]

Brunswick Massive Damage Total destruction is on the pin deck’s horizon when you throw the Brunswick Massive Damage bowling ball! ACTIVATOR PLUS COVERSTOCK Activator Plus is a more aggressive version of the original Activator coverstock formulation and features enhanced durability and performance longevity. The pearlized version of Activator Plus coverstock used on the Massive Damage […]

Brunswick Lethal Revolver Killing the competition’s hopes has never been easier than with the Brunswick Lethal Revolver bowling ball! Propel X Solid Coverstock The Lethal Revolver maximizes its performance by using Propel X Solid reactive coverstock technology. Propel X Solid features an enhanced pore structure to provide Xtra consistency from shot to shot and Xtra […]

Brunswick C (System) ulti-max The Brunswick C (System) ulti-max looks to be a great addition to the C.(System) line. This ball will give you good length and a strong movement on the backend. It will be available August 1, 2011 so get yours pre-order today or just come see me on the 1st and get […]

Roto Grip Bandit he new bad boy in town will help you steal all of your competitor’s cash and not feel bad about it one bit! The soon to be infamous Roto Grip Bandit Bowling Ball! The Roto Grip Bandit showcases a dependable weight block shape and powerful coverstock. The Caliber weight block shape of […]

Roto Grip Outlaw The Roto Grip Outlaw bowling ball is the new bad boy in town! The quickest draw on the lanes will leave the pins lyin’ dead! The Roto Grip Outlaw showcases a dependable weight block shape and powerful coverstock. The Caliber weight block shape of the Outlaw maximizes pin action, accomplished through increased […]

Roto Grip Critical Theory The Roto Grip Critical Theory is another great ball put out by Roto Grip. This ball fit very well into the Theory Line. So get yours pre-ordered today so you can be one of the first ones to have it. Get to know your opponent’s weaknesses with the Roto Grip Critical […]

Storm Victory Road Solid The Victory Road’s inverted Fe3 technology™ weight block will power the solid version as well. It’s a true performer, a real workhorse that gets the job done every time. Using CATS technology to evaluate the proper shell and surface, the team analyzed several combinations and chose the solid R2S cover with […]

Brunswick Karma Black/Blue Solid The Brunswick Karma Black/Blue Solid is a good ball for medium oily conditions. It will get thru the head with easy, good rolling in the mid-lane and have good movement on the back-end. It is being release on 3/31/2011 so get yours pre-order today. At first there was bad karma and […]

900 Global The Eagle The 900 Global The Eagle looks to be a great ball. If you loved the 900 Global Break Out then this is the ball for you. Plus if you use the ball at the USBC Nationals you will a chance to win some extra money. Are you looking for the perfect […]

Lane #1 Boom-R’ANG The Lane #1 Boom-R’ANG use the new Boomerang Diamond core which is different for all the cores they have used in the past. This ball will give you good length with a strong movement on the back-end. This ball will enable you to boom-r’ang around your competitors . Lane#1 has taken core […]

Storm Virtual Gravity NANO The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO is a great addition to the Premier Line. If you loved the Storm Virtual Gravity w/ Free Value Brand Microfiber Towel you will surely love this one as it will give you more hook on oily lane than the Storm Virtual Gravity w/ Free Value Brand […]

Brunswick Loaded Revolver The Brunswick Loaded Revolver will be a great addition the Brunswick Revolver it will more length. Now you’ve definitely got bullets in the chamber with the Brunswick Loaded Revolver!Black and white sometimes combine on this ball to create a pink swirlPropel X CoverstockThe Loaded Revolver maximizes its performance by using Propel X […]

Brunswick Wicked Siege The Brunswick Wicked Siege is in my opinion the best ball in the Siege series. It is very strong on the back-end The Wicked Siege combines the new Propel X coverstock and the MACE medium RG core to produce a ball motion that is clean through the front, consistent in the mid-lane […]

Lane #1 Pink Panther The Lane #1 Pink Panther is scheduled for release on 9/15/2010. This ball looks amazing on the lanes. So be on the lookout as the Lane #1 Pink Panther will soon be on the prowl. The Pink Panther is being released from captivity into the wild! With the largest diamond core […]

Morich RipR The Morich RipR is very versatile with surface adjustments. With the box finish the RipR is more arcing and continuation on the back-end and with a polished finish it is more skid snap on the back-end. Get ready to tear the pins to shreds with the Morich RipR!By combining the new patented UNIQUE […]

900 Global Bank The 900 Global Bank is going to be available July 23, 2010. It is a great ball to use on medium to heavy lane conditions and you can Bank on that. Purchase a Bank and win your shot at a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat!900 Global has designed a ball […]