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Purchase trazodone side

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Perform white blood cell count and differential with fever, sore throat, or other signs or symptoms of infection discontinue if white blood cells or absolute neutrophil count decreases below normal range if co-administered with mao inhibitors risk of serotonin syndrome drugs that interfere with serotonin reuptake have been associated with bleeding; trazodone may also impair platelet aggregation resulting in greater risk of bleeding events potentially life-threatening serotonin syndrome reported when co-administered with drugs that impair serotonin metabolism in particular, maois, including non-psychiatric maois, such as linezolid and iv methylene blue co-administration with nsaids and aspirin, may result in bleeding bone fractures associated with antidepressant treatments may cause low sodium levels in your blood use caution in patients who may have seizures including head trauma, alcoholism, and brain damage patients should keep all appointments with their doctor and should read all literature that comes with the prescription may worsen psychosis in patients or precipitate mania or hypomania; screen, for bipolar disorder, patients presenting with depressive symptoms and signs may cause orthostatic low blood pressure and fainting; use with caution qt prolongation with or without torsade de pointes and ventricular rapid heart rate reported may increase risk associated with electroconvulsive therapy ect ; discontinue ect before initiating trazodone therapy possible mydriasis; may trigger angle closure attack in patients with angle closure glaucoma with anatomically narrow angles without a patent iridectomy.

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Medlineplus reports that possible mild side effects may occur as a result of taking trazodone.

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If you re using trazodone as a sleep aid, it takes 1-3 hours to work.

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i have been on trazodone for 7yrs for my insomnia due to fibromyalgia.


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