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900 Global Eagle Pearl The new bird has landed, as 900 Global has released the Eagle Pearl to their performance lineup. The Eagle Pearl is a compliment to the Eagle with this release being the same core but with the S70 Pearl coverstock, giving this ball a clean move through the heads but controlled yet […]


900 Global Dirty Look The latest release from 900 Global is Dirty Look, and this ball from that. This ball gives a very smooth move through the front part of the lane, but this one looks very smooth off the spot. The Dirty Look really has the backend motion like a symmetrical ball, so very […]

900 Global Wisdom Looking for a ball that knows how to read the oil pattern? Well the 900 Global Wisdom bowling ball is just what the doctor ordered! The Benchmark ball for Seniors. The Wisdom provides Senior bowlers with a ball that will fit slower ball speeds but yet still have power, and most importantly […]

900 Global The NUTS The NUTS is the biggest back-ending ball 900 Global has ever produced. The Nuts features a new higher Rg core, our S70 cover and is finished with our new NEAT finishing process. The T finish on this ball gives the appearance that it??™s polished when in reality this ball has no […]

900 Global Bank Roll The 900 Global Bank Roll is a great addition to the Bank line. So come in and get your Bank Roll and roll them pins down. Show up with one in your bag, leave with one in your pocket! The 900 Global Bank Roll!The Bank Roll creates an immense footprint in […]


900 Global Bank Pearl If you like the 900 Global Bank but want more skid thru the heads than the 900 Global Bank Pearl is what you are want to get. Purchase a Bank Pearl and win your shot at a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat!900 Global has already taken you to the […]


900 Global Raw Profit

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900 Global Raw Profit If you like the 900 Global Profit but wanted more hook on oily lanes then you should get the 900 Global Raw Profit because they lowered the RG and raised the Differential to get better traction in the oil. It’s time to cash in! Profit in it’s Rawest Form! We’ve lowered […]

900 Global Profit The 900 Global Profit is now available! The 900 Global Profit use the S70 Reactive Cover. It’s time to turn talent and technology into Profit! The Profit is designed specifically to be clean through the front and rip down the lane. The new 900 Global Profit!The Profit builds on the success of […]

900 Global Bank The 900 Global Bank is going to be available July 23, 2010. It is a great ball to use on medium to heavy lane conditions and you can Bank on that. Purchase a Bank and win your shot at a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat!900 Global has designed a ball […]

900 Global Bounty Hunter Pearl I now have in stock the 900 Global Bounty Hunter Pearl. This ball is designed to compliment the 900 Global Bounty Hunter, the 900 Global Bounty Hunter Pearl features a lower R.G. Double Cross core and new S72 shell, which will produce more skid/snap compared to the original 900 Global […]

The 900 Global Break Point Pearl fits well in the Break series. The 900 Global Break Point Pearl gets thru the head with ease, read the mid-lane very good pick-up a good roll and made a strong movement when it hit the dry. It is defiantly a ball that will enable you to open up […]

900 Global Bounty Hunter Now in. 900 Global has a new ball that has been release it is the 900 Global Bounty Hunter. This ball will give a stronger mid lane the the 900 Global Bounty in return give you more hook. 900 Global puts out The Bounty Hunter for top bowlers and Pro Shops […]


900 Global The Break S75

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I drill 900 Global The Break S75 last night for a customer who wanted a ball to go long and give me snap on the backend. Put the pin above the fingers in the middle the cg was in the middle of the grip with the mass kicked out about 2″ to the right of […]


The Bounty

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I recently drill 900 Global Bounty for one of my customer who was looking for a ball that will hook a lot (want to stand left and throw right able to play in the oil and still have it recover). So i recommended this one to him. Drilled with the pin above the ring finger […]

I proud to announce that we are now carry The 900 Global balls in Stock.  Currently i have 900 Global Bounty and 900 Global The Break S75.  So come in and get one today.  Also if you buy the 900 Global Bounty and shoot a sanctioned 300 game before April 30, 2009 to claim your […]