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Brunswick Melee Hook

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Copy and paste the following: Brunswick Melee Hook The new Brunswick Melee Hook is a more versatile ball motion than any of the other Melee’s I have seen, this ball is very clean through the fronts and reads very well in the mid lane and gives a nice strong motion in the middle to back […]


Copy and paste the following: Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac The new Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac allows bowlers to play a little more straighter than any other ball in the mastermind series, this ball provides great length with a nice strong back end motion, this ball is very versatile for all bowlers. Become the President of bowling’s version […]


Brunswick Brute Strength The new Brunswick Brute Strength features the same core as the original Brute but gives you a different look on the lane, this ball gives you more length down lane before it starts to transition into the break point, the brute strength is going to give you a little more smooth motion […]

Brunswick Mastermind Einstein The new Brunswick Mastermind Einstein gives you a great ball motion to compare to the other mastermind series balls, this ball is a hybrid, unlike the genius this ball will give you a little more length and transition into the skid flip phase a little quicker through the break point, this ball […]

Brunswick Soul Mate The Brunswick Soul Mate allows players to get a ball that gets down lane and stores all of its energy in the back when the pearl cover stock takes over and it incorporates the Skid flip motion we all see with pearls, this ball is great for all types of players and […]


Brunswick Soul

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Brunswick Soul The Brunswick Soul series are replacing the ringer series and this ball in particular will give you a clean look through the front part of the lane and store energy and read the friction at the break point which will allow players to create different angles with the ball. Looking for control on […]


Brunswick Mastermind The new Brunswick Mastermind sets on the quest to master the heaviest of oiled lanes. The Mastermind has fully equiped with a new coverstock, Honor Roll Solid Reactive, and the Mastermind Ultra Low RG core, so this ball will get into a heavy roll to grip the slickest of conditions. This ball could […]

Brunswick Massive Damage Total destruction is on the pin deck’s horizon when you throw the Brunswick Massive Damage bowling ball! ACTIVATOR PLUS COVERSTOCK Activator Plus is a more aggressive version of the original Activator coverstock formulation and features enhanced durability and performance longevity. The pearlized version of Activator Plus coverstock used on the Massive Damage […]

Brunswick Lethal Revolver Killing the competition’s hopes has never been easier than with the Brunswick Lethal Revolver bowling ball! Propel X Solid Coverstock The Lethal Revolver maximizes its performance by using Propel X Solid reactive coverstock technology. Propel X Solid features an enhanced pore structure to provide Xtra consistency from shot to shot and Xtra […]

Brunswick C (System) ulti-max The Brunswick C (System) ulti-max looks to be a great addition to the C.(System) line. This ball will give you good length and a strong movement on the backend. It will be available August 1, 2011 so get yours pre-order today or just come see me on the 1st and get […]

Brunswick Karma Blue/Green Pearl The Brunswick Karma Blue/Green Pearl is a good ball for medium oily conditions. It will give you more length when the Brunswick Karma Black/Blue Solid starts to read the lane to early. It is being release on 3/31/2011 so get yours pre-order today. At first there was bad karma and good […]

Brunswick Karma Black/Blue Solid The Brunswick Karma Black/Blue Solid is a good ball for medium oily conditions. It will get thru the head with easy, good rolling in the mid-lane and have good movement on the back-end. It is being release on 3/31/2011 so get yours pre-order today. At first there was bad karma and […]

Brunswick Damage The Brunswick Damage is being released on Nov. 8, 2010. It will be a great ball medium to dry lane conditions. It use the PowerKoil 18 coverstock. Use the Brunswick Damage it inflict heavy damage to the pins. With its high gloss finish, the Damage will provide excellent length with a quick response […]


Brunswick Revolver The Brunswick Revolver is going to be released on July 12, 2010. You can pre-order yours now thru bowlingball.com and be the first to have one in your bowling center. It’s time to shoot the lights out with the Brunswick Revolver!ConneXion™ Grip CoverstockThe Revolver utilizes ConneXion Grip an improved version of ConneXion coverstock.ConneXion […]

Brunswick C (System)4.5 The Brunswick C (System)4.5 will give more length than the Brunswick C (System)3.5 and should give a smooth reaction on the back-end CFT v4.5 CoverstockCFT v4.5 is the next progression in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT v4.5 coverstock has a lower friction factor than CFT 3.5 which improves length through the heads […]


Brunswick has a new entry level line that was released on March 15, 2010. It is the Brunswick Slingshot Silver/Black is comes in a variety of colors they are Brunswick Slingshot Red/Silver, Brunswick Slingshot Gold/Blue, Brunswick Slingshot Merlot/Gold Brunswick Slingshot Lavender/Lime. The currently sell for $56.99 on bowlingball.com and has a rating of 157.6 on […]


Brunswick C (System)3.5 The Brunswick C (System)3.5 looks to be a great follow up to the Brunswick C (System)2.5. Here is the ball reaction video. The Brunswick C (System)3.5 registers a 214.9 on the bowlingball.com Perfect Scale®. Tech Specs: RG: 2.585 DIFFERENTIAL: .050 COVERSTOCK: CFT 3.5 WEIGHT BLOCK: I-Block FACTORY FINISH: 4000-grit Micro pad BALL […]

Brunswick C (System)2.5 I now have in the Brunswick C (System)2.5 and selling it for $199.99 drilled finger grips and thumb slugs are extra. So come on in and get yours today. I also have a demo Brunswick C (System)2.5 to try it before you buy it.

Brunswick is coming out with another new ball in their advance performance line in November. It is the Brunswick Diamondback. Here is more information on the Brunswick Diamondback Brunswick Diamondback Coverstock Activator Solid Coverstock: The Diamondback™ is the first ball with Activator Solid coverstock available at the Advanced Performance price point. The original Activator coverstock […]

Brunswick has a new ball being release sometime in November. It is the Brunswick Wild Card . It is the newest release in their High Performance line. Here is some information on the Brunswick Wild Card . Brunswick Wild Card Coverstock: The Wild Card utilizes ConneXion™ coverstock known for its unbelievable traction response from foul […]

The Brunswick C (System)2.5 looks like it will fit into Brunswick’s ball line up very well giving them a ball that will have more backend than their previous balls. The Brunswick C (System)2.5 is set to be released on 09/28/09. So preorder yours today Here is a ball reaction video from Tony Ruocco @ bowlingball.com. […]

Brunswick C (System)2.5 After more than 18 months of research, development, and extensive lab and field tests, Brunswick is proud to introduce the Brunswick C (System)2.5 bowling ball, developed in close collaboration with Hall of Fame bowler Carmen Salvino. In addition to being a legendary bowler, Salvino conducts scientific research and holds multiple patents related […]

Brunswick Wild Thing I drilled theBrunswick Wild Thing for a customer last week and here is my review of the Brunswick Wild Thing. I drilled it with the #2 layout (he want mid lane hook with backend). The reaction that he got with it was very clean thru the heads, revved up in the mid […]


Brunswick Siege Brunswick has a new ball coming out on July 6, 2209 it is Brunswick Siege. It is in their Pro Performance line. Here is a video of the ball reaction for the Brunswick Siege by bowlingball.com information on the Siege

Brunswick Wild Thing Brunswick has a new bowling ball coming out this summer it is Brunswick Wild Thing.  It will  be a good compliment to the Brunswick Wild Ride .   They both feature the ConneXion cover stock.   For more information on Brunswick Wild Thing  click the link below. information on the Wild Thing