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FIBONACCI WARNING (update). We had the worst first week of the history of Wall to produce a crisis similar to that of 2008, survival strategy is advised, new historical highs have been seen and now 5 waves are evident since the year 2009. The wave (5) is euphoria let’s see how much higher it is in prices and in feeling stronger will be the subsequent fall in the year Corto rejected the movement where they had to do it in 18351 plus minus 6 points
the annual highs of last year and also the lower gap wave of 18480 is not denied the bears can be deluded that the ceiling sought is 18668 and that the ceiling of the 5) wave of (5) of III has been 17990-18000 which is the uptrend line from the floors of February this year, this line is not less is the basis of a potential terminal wedge of the dow, even if incomplete, if the dow finds purchase again in 17970-18000 that is not the one that can pierce and overcome 18357 first and 18480 afterwards, the wedge is the game and the market will rise for the last time to 18800-19000 to make an epic wave ceiling ( 5)
since 2009 and the subsequent fall of the vision of the bears but this September has been chosen by the Fed to see if it raises or does not raise its interest rate, the market has already been giving its verdict with the rate of 10 years, we do not know if in September but later there will be rate increases so https://www.moreplicaa.com it < br> think the 10 and 30-candidate bond, expect volatility as the last three days, strong fall,
strong recovery yesterday again close the market below the 17970 to produce a minimum fall to 17063 and
potentially to much more depressed levels in the Fibonacci year above 18357 and
18480 the market will make a final raise..

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